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We specialise in all areas of interior fit outs from metal stud partitioning to plaster, tape and joint finishes.

Dry Lining Contractors in the North West

Dry Lining Contractors in the North West

The North West’s development in recent years has meant that Spectrum Drylining has worked with a number of clients delivering dry lining services.

Dry lining forms the detailing of your building and provides the canvas upon which you can add colour, branding and bring life to your building. We offer more than simply attaching plasterboard to a wall. The detail and quality of our work will ensure your building’s infrastructure and functionality is not let down by poor finishing. Ultimately this is what the public and buildings occupants see.

Why opt for dry lining?

Dry lining is a flexible option because the plasterboard can be applied directly to interior walls and ceilings in a variety of different cuts, shapes and thicknesses.

Dry lining can be used on ceilings and walls and applied to give a smooth and seamless finish. Space can be divided cost effectively by installing dry lining as separating walls. Dry lining can also be used to improve insulation and reduce energy costs too.

The process is quick too and because the finish is smooth and relatively clean, you can start decorating and painting immediately.

Our dry lining products consist of fast-track wall lining systems. These systems include direct bonding, direct fix metal frame and independent frame systems. These can then be boarded with standard plasterboard, moisture resistant board, fire rated board, sound reduction board or impact resistant boards.

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